My treasure map

Get a custom map for a treasure hunt that will be the highlight of the next birthday party or children event.

Starting offer: 20€ for your treasure map – valid until 31.01.2016
Just provide us a start- and end-point for your hunt and get a map for the next children’s birtday party.

1)  Locations along the track
Different challenges can be added to the map which can be indicated by a question mark. These include different games or puzzles that have to be accomplished together before the hunt can be continued.
Costs: 2 € per question mark

2) Display a track on the map
Add a guidance to the map in advance that makes it easier to use the map. Especially for younger childrens this is helpful for their orientation. Also in areas with a lot of traffic it is sensible to prevent children from taking wrong ways that might be too dangerous (e.g. along heavy traffic routes).
Costs: 5 €

How it works:
1) Order map
2) Individual map will be created
3) Get a preview for control
4) Map is created
5) Get laminated map via Post (2€ postage and packaging) or print it out by yourself
6) Have a unique birthday party experience
7) Pay map service conveniently via invoice

The treasure maps were tested on many events and received with great pleasure by all little treasure hunters. They are most suitable for childrens aged 7-9. Younger children can also get used to the maps and with a little assistance it should definitely work out for them.

Please do not hesitate to make an inquiry via our contact form.

The hunt starts where the map is found. After that the treasure hunters have to prove their orientation and way-finding skills. Only who can read the map correctly will find the hidden treasue in the end.

Maps can be created for every area but the location of the treasure needs to be picked with care. It should be able to be found and reached by the hunters on the one hand and not be found by others too easily on the other hand.

Here you can see some example maps:

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