Children’s entertainment at weddings

Why should you include considerations about entertaining your smallest guests when you are planning your wedding?

We want to provide some reasons for you 🙂

Taking care of the child guests is not only a relief for the parents. If nothing is offered to childrens, they are usually attracted by what they do not know. In most cases that is the bride. Their mum is never wearing a white dress like that. Which girl is not dreaming of wearing a dress like that? For that reason, little girls always want to sit close to the bride – unless there is an appropriate and intriguing entertaiment program.

And the boy… when there are neither smartphones or tablets or any other kind of distraction. Well, they will always come up with something but you never know who is taking pleasure from that.

Childrens do not engage in conversations like grown-ups do. Therefore, it is essential to keep the small guests occupied with suitable entertainment to provide a relaxed celebration time for their parents. Our entertainment programs for weddings, which have been proven to be successful over many years are diverse and offer a multiplicity of games and actiities for children of all ages. Examples include a treasure hunt and our game landscape with a ball pit, crawling tunnel, play tents and many more!

Our goal is that the children have a nice day at your event as well, full of fun, games and joy.

You can find more information about our entertainment programs at animationen. You can also get some impressions of previous events in our  references section (mostly German).

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