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Children’s entertainment at birthday parties and events

Jenny Weidinger - Kids in MunichWe are glad you found your way to our website! For over ten years we work as children’s carer on birthdays, partys and events for and with children. It’s our ambition to create great days and extraordinary times for all children. To reach this goal we are always inventive and come up with new ideas and entertainment programs.

On parties, birthdays, weddings or your company’s party – we inspire kids with a highly diverse program. No matter if it is a treasure hunt, fantasy-games, handicraft work or a mixed game and dancing offer, we always have the program that is suitable for your little guests!

Entertainment on events or your children’s birthday party

Your daughter always wanted to be a princess? Or your son wants to be a pirate?

Let their birthday party be varied – with or without a theme. We are happy to support you with the entertainment, the organisation or the catering. Do not hesitate to ask for our help. We can come to your home and celebrate with you and your children. Or you can order premises according to the arrangement.

You organize an event or a party? Think about the youngest of your guests! Our professional care is the reason the parents can relax and enjoy the party. And the children are happily distracted with our program. No matter if your event is located in Munich, at the Starnberger See or at the Chiemsee – our Team is on its way about 100 km around Munich. You can get more information here.

Family friendly actions in corporations

The skills shortage will lead to the circumstance that every employee can choose where he wants to work instead of the corporations choosing their employees. Family friendly actions decisively support the corporations in making their workplaces more attractive and binding their employees.

Small steps are the start for the family friendly corporation – we are glad to help you with the opportunities and support you in the implementation of little actions. These include holiday  care and children’s entertainment on parties and events.

The problem of 14 weeks holidays but only six weeks of leave entitlement overtakes most of the parents sooner or later. You can support your  employees who are parents with an internal holiday care for your company.

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