International Kids Parties in Munich


We can offer kids parties for English speaking folks.
We can find you an English speaking babysitter.
We can offer you English animation programs for weddings or adult-parties.


I originally was inspired to start this business when I visited a family in Buckden, Cambridge shire, England. I was lucky to go to a party with a 3-year old girl (the daughter of that family I was visiting), and it was the biggest kids party I have ever seen. I loved it!! Kids loved it too; they had all sorts of activities:  unlimited playing, all sorts of dancing, face-painting, singing, and all of this were accompanied with great music. It was so much fun for them and I could see that in their eyes!  


Ever since I came back to Germany, I never let go this nice memory. So I decided to create something similar in Germany, something tailored for the German culture yet has the international flavor in it. The goal is to make the best out of special occasions, and create great memories for your children.
And for that, I offer lots of different parties for kids – Theme parties – Dancing parties – Treasure hunt – Art craft stuff –and more. We are more than happy to help you create a fantastic environment for all your guests!


To get any further information about our kids parties offers, child care offers or babysitter service, please use our  contact form20150215_144042 to be in touch with us!


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